Why Choose Davena?

Why choose Davena

Do have a couple office furniture installation providers in your directory or on your screen and wondering which to choose?  Over the last 15 years, through the use of post project evaluations and listening to our clients, we at Davena he have discerned what motivated them to choose one service provider over another and with that we modeled our corporate structure utilizing those key elements. We believe that we have developed into a rather unique provider of office furniture and services. How so? What set's Davena apart from every other cubicle installation company out there? Just read on to see what sets us apart from our competition  and why we believe that Davena should be your #1 choice:

Davena's thoroughly trained staff is the best in the business.

Our staff consists of reliable and competent workers whose extensive technical expertise, years of experience and attention to detail have enhanced our reputation and made us one of the most recognized and utilized service provider with the United Sates.  Each one of our employees demonstrates a level of professionalism and dedication that is unmatched. They are the keys to our success, enabling thorough on-time completion at an affordable price.  Large or small, just tell us when it needs to be completed and we'll take it from there.

Davena promptly provides communication, quotations, samples, pics and surveys of potential projects.

We don't believe in making the customer wait for days to receive the requested info. Even in the event we can not provide a product or service to accommodate your needs, you will hear from us and we will recommend another provider or solution.

Davena places people first.

We don't believe in the automated phone and voicemail systems that most companies utilize that usually puts you in an endless loop that eventually leaves you in the receptionist's voicemail of which is never checked.  Each call is received by a person not a machine and that person is not a temp, but rather a seasoned cubicle installation technician, refurbisher and/or office furniture provider that can answer your questions immediately.

Davena will meet or beat the competitions prices if possible.

We want your business and the opportunity to show you what we can do for you. It is our desire to continuously expand our clientele base while improving our level of service and competitiveness in the market. In order to achieve this we are willing to forgo profitability for opportunity.

Davena's staff is always on call 24-7, 365 days of the year.

Our phones are never off and we are willing to get out of a dead sleep if need be(it happens), and travel to basically the ends of the Earth to accommodate our clients' needs.  Need 20 cubicles dismantled in NYC 30 minutes from now and reassembled in Pittsburgh within the next 12 hours? No problem. Need a piece on Ikea furniture assembled in your daughter's room before her birthday party in 3 hours? No problem.  If its within our means to assist you, we will.

At the end of the day, Davena does whatever is necessary to ensure our clients are pleased with the services provided.  And the reward for this dedication has been the ability to continually provide more products and services to them. To us at Davena  this is key. We believe the truest measure of the satisfaction level of the services we provide is reflected by the amount of long standing relationships and clients we have retained and whom continue to utilize our services. Quite simply, our client references speak for themselves,  To view just a few of the clients that we provide office furniture installation services throughout the United States, please visit our Testimonials page.