Refurbished Office Furniture

Refurbished Office Furniture

Refurbished Workstations at Huge Savings 70%-75% off list! Also known as remanufactured, refurbished cubicles and office furniture offer a quality alternative to the high cost of new furniture.

Davena understands that in today's economy companies are looking to positively impact their bottom line while still providing their employees with a high quality, comfortable, well designed work environment. We can help your company achieve that goal by supplying refurbished workstations, saving you at least 50% of cost of new furniture.. We can meet your precise size, color and fabric needs so that the refurbished product will match your existing product exactly.

All of our refurbished office furniture undergoes the following steps to ensure that our product is delivered in a 'like new' condition: 

  1. Panels or tiles  are recovered with new fabric of customer's choice. 
  2. Trim parts and pieces are prepped, primed and receive a fresh coat of paint of customer's choice.
  3. Any part that is not available on the remanufactured market is substituted with a new part.
  4. Electrical parts are never altered therefore retaining their UL listing
refurbished office furniture

These stations depending on size and type of system typically range anywhere from $1100-1800. We currently supply the following refurbished cubicles and office furniture partition systems in New York City (NYC), Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island, New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and the greater NY area:

  • Refurbished Ethospace 
  • Refurbished AO2(refurbished Action Office 2)
  • Refurbished Herman Miller files and chairs.

Below are several pics taken from one of our most recent refurbished projects.